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DIY 3D Wallpaper Decor

DIY 3D Wallpaper Decor

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Use: Living Room, Bedding Room, Study, Kitchen, Kids' Room, Wedding House, Elders' Room

Usage: Administration, Commerce, Entertainment, Household

Type: Natural Material Wallpapers

Style: Classic

Material: Waterproof Foam Brick Wall Stickers

PE products are made from environmentally friendly materials, self-adhesive, waterproof, collision-proof, moisture-proof, thermal insulation, heat insulation, easy to clean, safe design, and no smell. For drying, the overall formation of the cement wall, glass walls, wood walls, smooth tiles, and latex paint wall. Construction is simple, self-adhesive with their own glue, remove the protective film can be attached directly to the wall, with zero construction costs. Products can be free to cut according to their size, the surface is a waterproof membrane, Scrub with a wet cloth。

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