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G-MARK G320AM Karaoke Wireless Microphone System Professional UHF Automatic Handheld Frequency Adjustable 100M Receive

G-MARK G320AM Karaoke Wireless Microphone System Professional UHF Automatic Handheld Frequency Adjustable 100M Receive

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1. Dual channel dual antenna receive signal design

2. UHF band transmission signal, the frequency can be adjusted, the frequency range is between 500-590MHz

3. Receiver and transmitter is equipped with VA LCD display, working state at a glance

4. The back of the receiver is equipped with 2 rubber antennas to enhance the received signal and highlight the appearance of high-grade

5. Contained one 6.3mm output and one balanced output, suitable for connecting a variety of external devices

6. Microphone power consumption is 130mA, using 1.5V AA*2 rechargeable battery power supply, can be used for more than 6 hours

7. Using distance: about 100 meters

8. Audio and data use 32bit encryption transmission and independent ID code, effectively prevent crosstalk and interference

9. Transmitter and receiver use 8bit encryption infrared transmission synchronization mode

10. The receiver can observe the battery working state of the transmitter with a glance

11. Use high fidelity moving coil microphone capsule so that your voice is more clear and more real.


Frequency stability: plusmn 0.005%

Carrier output power: le 30Mw

Spurious radiation suppression:>40dB

Modulation: FM

Maximum modulation: plusmn 75KHz

Pickup mode: moving coil

Use power: 1.5V

Battery power consumption: <30mA

Volume: Ф37X 250mm (hand-held microphone)


Receiver sensitivity: <2muV

Mirror suppression:> 40dB

To increase: 50muS

Audio output impedance: 600Omega

Audio output level: 0-0.5V

Use power: AC110-240V 50 / 60Hz

Power consumption: 3W

Volume: 420X210X45mm


System parameters: Audio frequency

Response: 50Hz-18KHz Dynamic

Range: ge 80dB

System distortion: le1% Signal to noise

Ratio: ge 60dB Ideal

Distance: 80m

Operating temperature range: 5 ℃ -4.5 ℃

Carrier Frequency range:500-580 MHz

Style: Handheld Microphone
Transducer: Dynamic Microphone
Use: Stage Performance Wireless Microphone
Certification: CE
Certification: RoHS
Set Type: Matched Pair
Polar Patterns: Cardioid
Diaphragm: Small
Communication: wireless
Package: Yes
Model Number: G320AM
Microphone Type: Dynamic Microphone
Type: Adjustable Frequency
Channels: 2
Material: ABS Engineering Plastics
Frequency Range: 520-580MHZ
Number of Microphones: 2
Use occasion: Home Entertainment, KTV, Karaoke, stage, Band, Party, Church, Teaching
Frequency Method: Adjustable Frequency
Use Distance: 50 M

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