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Game Lovers Original VR Shinecon Headset Upgrade Version Virtual Reality Glasses 3D VR Glasses Headset Helmets Game Box

Game Lovers Original VR Shinecon Headset Upgrade Version Virtual Reality Glasses 3D VR Glasses Headset Helmets Game Box

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VR Shinecon SC-G06EA is a new multi-functional and high-quality 3D glasses. People of all ages have an interesting immersion experience. These VR glasses can make your smartphone the ultimate 3D machine for 3D games and split-screen movies.

It works with more than 1000 virtual reality applications IOS / Android Apple App stories and Google play stories. Find other relevant keywords in Google play or apple stories.

The surface of this pair of 3D VR glasses is a high quality offline and the lens has a clearer field of vision and faster experience. Three adjustable belts can transfer part of the nose bridge pre-production period facial foam super protective device & comfortable design.

Major technology updates Anti-blue light anti hardening reflecting lens reduces the amount of anti blue light radiation Here comes the blue light! No distortion of the lens to restore your true image. Pay attention to quality and pay more attention to details.

Cooling and ventilation panel multifunction button 3D audio headset. Multiple compatibilities. Compatible with 4.7-6.53 inch smartphones and robot phones. Compatible with some 6.53-inch screen phones. Five Breathable cooling mask. Soft, sweaty, more comfortable leather material.

Sensor Type: Supports 4.0-6.5 inch smartphones For Android Samsung iPhone 6 6S plus
Compatible Device: Smartphones
All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: Yes
Type: Hybrid
Viewing Experience: Immersive
Controllers: Yes
3D Glasses Type: Virtual Reality
Package: Yes
Real-time Map Construction: No
Base Stations: No
Wireless network Type: Configurable phone wireless Bluetooth controller Gamepad Joystick
Model Number: VRShinecon G04EA 7.0 headset version PK Xiaozhai Bobovr z4 z5 Xiaomi
FOV: Lens Virtual Reality Google cardboard Stereo Glasses Video Smart
Set Type: Controllers Sets
Bundle: Bundle 5
Gesture Recognition: No
Ports: Large screen smartphones VR Box Upgrade edition XIAOMI iPhone 7 8 X
Bundle 1: Only one VR
Bundle 2: VR With Controller A
Bundle 3: VR With Controller B
Bundle 4: VR With Controller D
Bundle 5: VR With Controller E
Bundle 6: VR With Controller H
Support cell phone size: 162.5x77.4x8.8mm
Support cell phone size: Non-full screen within 4.7-6.53 inch
Support cell phone size: Fullscreen 4.7-6.53 inch
Explain: VR headset audio plug is 3.5MM

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