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Protective Car Rearview Mirror

Protective Car Rearview Mirror

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Widely compatible: Universally designed rearview mirror protective film for automotive, SUV, truck, trailer, etc. Rainproof rearview mirrors are suitable for all standard size rearview mirrors, ensuring you driving on rainy or foggy days Safety.

High-quality automotive gadget materials: automotive rain film with nano-coating technology, this anti-fog film has incredible features, including waterproof, rainproof, anti-fog, anti-glare, oil, and scratch-resistant Traces make your driving vision clear and help you reach your destination safely. Suitable for rearview mirrors and window glass.

Easy to install: The car's rain film can be installed in just a few minutes. Clean the mirror with the supplied cloth, then attach the protective film to the mirror and attach it, remove the air bubbles with a card, and then peel off the second layer. Very simple and fast.

Anti-fog waterproof membrane: The rearview mirror adhesive mucosa can make the field of vision clear and avoid possible dangers. It protects your sight on rainy days. The car waterproof mirror sticker is an innovation that can solve your troubles when you can't see the mirror in the rain. Its waterproof and anti-fog effect is very good. .
What you will get: 4* square rearview mirror sticker film (side window), 4* round car rearview mirror sticker film, we will provide all the auxiliary tools including wet/dry wiper, squeeze card.


1. Make sure there is no dust before filming
2. Do not clean the mirror 24 hours after filming to avoid damage to the double-sided tape.
3. Car rearview mirror protective film can be cut as needed

Product Parameters:

Material: PET
Type: explosion-proof membrane
Light transmittance: 99%
Insulation rate: 50%
Product appearance: blue
Product effective layer color; transparent
UV protection rate: 35%
Visible light reflectance: 35%

8pcs Product List:

200*175 square film 4PCS
100*145 round film 4PCS
Installation kit X2

2pcs Product List:
2pcs Car Rearview Mirror Rain Film (the size based on your choice)

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