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Vacuum Detoxification Venom Extractor Pump

Vacuum Detoxification Venom Extractor Pump

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1. Material: PP+ABS 
2. Size: 10.5 x 9.3 x 3 cm(storage case)
3. Weight: 100 g 


1. The extractor is made of a safe plastic material. With a simple operation, you can suck out the venom from the wound with one hand. 
2. Lightweight and portable, the reusable venom extractor is easy to carry and use, and the suction can be adjusted by the extraction rod. *3. The venom extractor pulls the venom well from under the skin rather than from the inside of the muscle tissue.
 4. Ideal for outdoor adventure camping, fishing, snake bites, bee/weep bites, mosquito bites, etc. 
5. Comes with a storage case and other supporting kit, suitable for outdoor emergency 


1. Do not use tourniquet rubber or other substances to block arteriovenous blood flow, to prevent more serious limb swelling and necrosis. 
2. Do not cut local wounds: Injection venom is often deeper than tissue and absorbs quickly, so it is impossible to remove the wound venom, which can easily lead to infection or poor cutting pattern leading to poor healing of the entire family. 
3. Do not use ice or electric shock, anti-vascular contraction or necrosis, local deterioration of blood circulation, swelling of the limbs, and increased necrosis.
4. Do not drink alcohol or coffee, tea irritants, so as not to promote blood circulation, but to make venom absorption faster. 
5. The effect will vary depending on the location and depth of the bite/sting. Please seek professional medical care as soon as possible after emergency treatment.
Packing list:

Pumper x1
Suction cup x 4
Alcohol pad x 2
Bandage x  2
Tourniquet x 1
Manual x 1

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