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Air Quality Monitor Digital Detector

Air Quality Monitor Digital Detector

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1. You can measure formaldehyde (HCHO), volatile organic compounds(TVOC) causing most odors, CO2,  care about your family's health.
2. Temperature difference compensation calibration technology judges the ambient temperature data and automatically calibrates the test results for accurate measurement.
3. It can be connected to a power bank to monitor enclosed spaces, track the source of the contamination and remove it more accurately.
4. Long-term record, connect to your phone via Bluetooth to track HCHO/TVOC concentration trends.
5. It can be used in greenhouse plantation, farm indoor air detection, household air detection and so on.


1. Power Supply: USB 5V
2. Bluetooth: BT4.0
3. TVOC Detection Range: 0~9.999mg/m3 (5-35°C)
4. HCHO Detection Range: Temperature 5-35°C, 0~9.999mg/m3 (5-35°C)
5. CO2 Detection Range: 400-2000ppm (5-35°C)
6. Temperature Detection Range: -10°C~50°C
7. Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 50 mm/3.0" x 3.0" x 2.0"
8. Weight: 74 g/2.6ounce

Packing Includes:

1 x Air Quality Monitor

1 x USB Cable

1 x Manual

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