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Anti-D Waterproof Men T Shirt

Anti-D Waterproof Men T Shirt

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The fabric adopts nanotechnology, anti-oil adhesion, and penetration, milk cola coffee tomato sauce, etc.
Comfortable, lightweight, and breathable
Waterproof trunk, cool and soft
Minimalist design concept, return to the original beauty
Shopping, gatherings, workplaces are all suitable for wearing


1 Made of high-quality polyester material with the features of waterproof, antifouling, and breathable.
2 Breathable and super soft fabric which is lightweight, stretchable, and comfortable to wear.
3 Soft, quick-dry fabric with superior breathability and moisture management.
4 Breathable, anti-bacterial, after prolonged exercise, does not produce a sweat odor.
5 Short sleeve design which is quick-drying and soft comfort touch.
6 Suitable for any occasion, for casual wear, daily wear, work, sports, going out to a movie, shipping, party, etc


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