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Mini Portable Laptop Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Portable Laptop Vacuum Cleaner

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1.Game style, game radiation weapon.

2.Strong heat radiation, ultra quietfan speed, adjustable temperature high light mirror surface treatment process.

3. Intelligent 3 generation temperature control induction, when the notebook temperature reaches 40 °C, the fan automatically runs at high speed. When the temperature is lower than 4040 °C, the fan stops.

4.: Manual mode: In the manual mode, the fan speed can be controlled manually by the manual adjustment knob, and the speed can be adjusted quickly, which is not comparable to the speed regulation of several gears.

5. High-speed motor: It can operate effectively with high power for a long time. It does not affect the life of the turbo fan due to the incoming dust. It has the advantages of quiet, high operation and large wind.

6. Anti-skid device: strong anti-skid coefficient, anti-slip effect on both sides, firm, simple and intimate.

7. Novel appearance: use a variety of game carving elements. With a cool concept, tailor-made, cool sculptures, personality flying.

8. User-friendly product design: Each radiator is equipped with 3 kinds of air guiding sleeves to cope with any notebook air outlet. Several air guiding sleeves can be compatible with laptops with different heat dissipation ports on the market, and it is not necessary to make the radiators incompatible or unsuitable.

9. Submarine version of the sealing device: precision manufacturing, low carbon environmental protection, high-density materials, submarine-level high-quality process.

10. High-gloss mirror treatment process: the product texture is upgraded again, the visual effect is more impactful, and the old appearance image on the market, I am cool.


1.Color: Black

2.Product dimensions: 175x 86x 52mm

3.Fan size: 75x 75x 25mm

4.Rotational speed: 1500-3000±10%RPM

5.Air flow: 75.35CFM

6.Voltage: 5V

7.Current: 0.35±10%A

8.Power: 1.75W


1.Install the ventilation and plate;

2.Tear the 3M gel;

3.Insert the laptop air outlet;

4.Connect the power cord

Package Included:

1 x Air extracting cooling fan

1 x USB Cable

1 x Fixed boa

1 x 3M glue

3 x Different sizes of silicon sleeve


Please allow 1-2cm differs due to manual measurement.


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