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Smart Automatic Silicone Toothpaste Dispenser

Smart Automatic Silicone Toothpaste Dispenser

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One step of brushing teeth easily, the mood is beautiful once, single mouth squeeze toothpaste

Get up early and go to work hurriedly, unconsciously unscrew the toothbrush cover, start a new day, and if you are the same, it is better to try this lazy small item that can be increased with one click and the happiness of life

Dust-proof design, long holding clean, open and close movable cover, simple operation, avoid falling dust

Squeeze and take out quantitatively, the amount can be controlled according to the strength, the toothpaste is not wasted, when the toothpaste is first loaded, it needs to be squeezed several times to expel the air before the toothpaste can be extruded

Flexible silicone interface, universal 90% toothpaste specification, food grade silicone material, easy to install, stable and not loose

Simple disassembly, easy to clean, removable parts, regular cleaning, sanitation

ABS material is not easy to deform, smooth surface, resistant to dirt and corrosion, and will not fade for a long time

No punching installation, no mirror surface paste, wet water will not fall

Ventilation holes at the bottom, ventilated and dry to reduce the growth of

Snap on the back of the mirror to lock the mirror and keep it stable


Product Name: Squeeze toothpaste

Product size: 6 x 6.5 x 10cm

Product net weight: 128g

Material: ABS + silicone

Color: white, dark blue, blue, pink

Package Included:

1 x Squeeze toothpaste

1 x Paste

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