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Summer Air Cooling Neck Fan

Summer Air Cooling Neck Fan

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1. Heat dissipation of ice aluminium sheet. High-tech heat exchange principle, cold aluminium absorbs heat, aluminium blocks dissipate heat, and cool down physically, so you can enjoy the coolness under the hot sun.
2. Hang neck design, free your hands.
3. The angle can be adjusted and the direction can be changed.
4. Three-speed wind speed, silent motor
5. USB charging. 1800mAh battery long battery life.
Instructions for use:

1. Press and hold the switch key for 3s to turn on the fan and automatically enter the weak windshield; press the switch again to enter the middle stroke gear; press the switch again to enter the strong windshield and cycle in turn. Press and hold 3s again to turn off the fan.
2. Click the cooling button to turn on the aluminium cooling function. When the aluminium sheet is running, the cold aluminium absorbs heat and the aluminium block dissipates heat, making your neck very cool. Click again to turn off cooling.

Material: ABS + silicone
Size: 200 * 180 * 60mm/7.87*7.09*2.36"
Net weight: 310g
Battery: 18650-3.7V
Capacity: 1800mAh
Power consumption: 1.5-4W


When using only the fan: low speed endurance 18h; medium speed endurance 12h; high speed endurance 8h.
When the fan and cold aluminium sheet work at the same time; low speed endurance 2h; medium speed endurance 2.5h; high speed endurance 2h.
Charging input: DC5V1A
Charging time: about 3 hours

1 X Hanging Neck Cooling Fan
1 X USB Power Cord
1 X User Manual 

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